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This page contains information for the developers of Clotho. Developers of Clotho consist of those working on the core of Clotho (the minority) and those developing or maintaining "apps" (the majority). The links below are organized from most general to most specific. Again if you can't find the information here, please let us know. Enjoy!

  1. Getting Started - how to just build and run Clotho for the first time
  2. Getting Started with the new Fabdash- how to just build and run the new Fabdash for the first time
  3. Writing First App - writing your first "Hello World" app for Clotho
  4. Writing First Fabdash App - writing your first fabdash compatible "Hello World App
  5. Deploying Apps - how to make your app available to other Clotho users and developers
  6. Technical Info - In depth technical topics related to Clotho
  7. Developer FAQ - list of frequently asked questions by developer of the Clotho core and Clotho apps
  8. Uninstall Clotho - how to remove Clotho from your machine


Here we provide links of interest. This section will be continuously expanding. Be sure to check back in. Let us know if you find link that would be good here.


Java 6 - required for Clotho

Netbeans - supported IDE for Clotho development Linux or Win

Tortoise SVN - Great desktop client SVN tool

Slik SVN - Great command line SVN tool (useful for integrating with Netbeans)

For more information about svn click here.


Ptolemy II Coding Guides - our recommended coding style

Java Tutorial - way more Java background than we are going to provide here

Tortoise SVN overview - great introduction to Tortoise SVN